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JULY, 2010

By Jim Morris

Well, we got it done. The 5,000 MOBOT irises are cleaned and labeled for the Iris Sale July 24-25 in the Orthwein Floral Hall at Missouri Botanical Garden. I would like to thank the 13 people (10 members) who helped with the cutting and cleaning on the work weekend and later in the week. It sure was hot and humid. Our other 86 members (less the six from Florida, California and Chicago) still have the opportunity to help at the Sale itself! Our most stalwart worker, Nyla Hughes, has been unable to help this year as she was in the hospital with GI problems resulting in extremely low potassium levels. She is home and we pray for her full recovery.

Our Summer Picnic and Iris Auction will be held on Sunday, August 1, 2010 at Missouri Botanical Garden at 1:00 pm. We have ordered irises from Lowell Baumunk and Terry Aitken. The irises from Aitken have already arrived and include nine 2010 introductions and two 2009 introductions. Baumunk indicated that he will send his in time and that they will include 'Phantom Ship', the 2010 Region 18 Out-of-Region winner at our Convention & Tour in May.

At the auction look for these new beauties: 'Autumn Sunburst' (Aitken 2010, TB), a stunning orange rebloomer; 'Blush of Pink' (Aitken 2010, TB); 'Aquanaut' (M. Smith 2010, IB), a ruffled blue; 'Firewalker' (M. Smith 2010, IB), golden orange with vermilion beard; 'Ozark Charmer' (Fisher 2010, MTB), wine red; 'Clairvoyant' (M. Smith 2010, SDB), ruffled primrose yellow self with shocking hot red-orange beards.

Be there or miss the fun!


Time to Get Your Door Prizes!

Door Prizes drawn during the past year will be awarded at the Picnic/Potluck on August 1.

You must be present to get your iris, or tell President Jim Morris your preference in advance if you can’t be there.

Winners for the year were:

September - TBs - Robin Gosnell, Beth Holbrook, Debra Pratt, Karen Helfrich.
Medians - Gary Keller, Florene Gosnell
October - TBs - Judy Watters, Jean Morris, Jim Morris, Debra Pratt
Medians - Mary Broida, Nyla Hughes
December - TBs – Ernie Henson, Michael Chen, Marilyn Ruemmler, Ellen Henson
Medians – Camilla Kotrba, Jim Morris
March – Beardless – Mary Broida
TBs – Margaret Kelly, Bob Squire, Deborah Miller
Medians – Kim Peterson, Camilla Kotrba


Fri. July 23 - 1:00 pm on – Setup for Iris Sale. Come help put out baskets, irises, and pictures!

Sat. & Sun. July 24-25 – 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Missouri Botanical / GSLIS Iris Sale in the Orthwein Room at MOBOT. We need everyone to help with this!

Sun. August 1 – 1:00 pm GSLIS Picnic, Iris Auction, and Door Prize handout. Bring a side dish for potluck, club provides meat, drinks, and cutlery.
Sun. Sept. 26, 2:00 pm – MO room at MOBOT – General Meeting and Beardless Iris Auction. Program – "What Beardless Irises Can Do for You"

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